The W Brothers Story

Founded in 2018, The W Brothers is a family-owned and operated jewelry business based in Los Angeles. The family behind The W Brothers has been in business since 1998 and we carry on the tradition of keeping all custom jewelry work in-house with accuracy and affordability. We’re involved in every step of the creation process — from start to finish.

Our mission is to enable everyone to wear jewelry with style and allow it to reflect your individuality, creativity, and identity. Empower yourself with custom pieces — expertly crafted by passionate artists — and learn what it means to fuse personality, beauty, relevance, and wearability into every piece.

Along with our vision, we understand fashion and originality should be accessible to everyone, which is why we aim to provide the highest quality product and service at the best price. Share your vision with us and allow us to create the best rendition in jewelry form. Imagination has no limitation.